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RQ Presents: QueerWrite Your Subversion with Eve Eurydice

RQ Presents: QueerWrite Your Subversion with Eve Eurydice

RQ Presents: QueerWrite Your Subversion with Eve Eurydice

QueerWrite Your Subversion! Transform Your Writing Practice with the Help of Queer Models

DATE: May 16th @ 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. LOCATION: This is now a virtual workshop. Join us at Zoom.us. Use Personal ID Code: 394 819 346.

Description: Queer writing is resistance writing & by necessity experimental in style. Queer identity is the future of gender: non-binary, non-normative, & non assimilative. The patriarchy has no space for us—no language, no morality, no gods, no pedagogy— therefore we are creating our own by subverting the symbols & referents of patriarchy to create, affirm, and protect our own values. 

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Queer Masculinities will be introduced by focusing on Ginsberg’s Howl & Burroughs’ Naked Lunch fragments. Howl shows writing as politics. Ginsberg was the Walt Whitman of the Cold War era. This anti-formalist beat and jazz anti-war political poem was written at a time when sodomy was a crime. Naked Lunch answers to the political rally cry by subverting the cut-up decoupage method for queer practice. Both Ginsberg & Burroughs were my creative writing teachers at Naropa, though Burroughs briefly since he was a visiting professor. I understood how their queer identity affected their avant-garde writing practice as well as their politics. Today, LGBT folx forget that queer politics, i.e. non homo-normative, anti-assimiliation attitudes, are central to a queer identity that resists a ‘passing for.’ We will sample and experience these texts together and generate your own writing using mother lines from these texts. 

Facilitator: Eve Eurydice

Hailing from Lesbos, Greece, Eurydice is a multimedia artist, podcaster, journalist, educator, single Mom, & the author of 3 books & numerous stories & articles. She is currently at work on a memoir titled The Lesbian that tells the story of Lesbian women–a genealogy that spans from Sappho to her great grandmother to her grandmother to her mother to her–& of our Lesbian language; on a nonfiction book titled Speak Sex to Power; & on a novel retelling the story of Eurydice in her own words.

Eurydice received a BA from Bard College, where she studied with Roy Lichtenstein & Robert Kelly; an MA in creative writing from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she studied with Ron Sukenick & also studied at Naropa Institute with Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs; an MA in Comparative Literature & an MFA in Creative Writing from Brown University, where she studied with Robert Coover & she later taught as an assistant professor. 

She published books with Scribner (Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier. New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, 2000), Virago Press (f/32: The Second Coming. London, New York: 1993), Richard Kasak (f/32 Revisited), the Fiction Collective (f/32). Her writing has been widely translated, taught, reviewed.