Reading Queer


Reading Queer teacher Jan Becker.

Reading Queer teacher Jan Becker.

This queerly manic (and wildly popular) writing workshop is an intensive, prompt-driven poetry and flash non-fiction workshop. The term ‘boot camp’ may sound intimidating, but the only real order is, “permission to write freely.” This workshop is designed to help free writers from their individual closets and get their words down on the page. The fast-paced writing prompts are designed to disengage writers from the nagging, negative voice that plagues and prevents us from accessing what poet Maria Mazziotti-Gillan calls “the wise person who lives within our bellies.”

DATE: Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th
TIME: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

JAN BECKER is from a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania. She didn’t stay there very long. She grew up in a Marine Corps family, on military bases all over the United States. She is currently an MFA candidate at Florida International University, and has taught courses there in composition, technical writing, creative writing and poetry. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Jai-Alai Magazine, Colorado Review, Emerge, Brevity Poetry Review, Sliver of Stone, and the Florida Book Review. She is the 2015-2016 Writer in Residence at the Girls’ Club Collection in Fort Lauderdale, and winner of the 2015 AWP Intro Journals Award in Nonfiction.