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This writing workshop shows writers how to snag the reader’s attention and build tension from the first (few) sentences. Get tickets.

Workshop Description: How to involve the reader from the first sentence—or at least the first few? How to imply tension and trouble without giving the whole narrative away? We’ll think about those questions through the matters of craft—voice, structure, focus, sonics, description—and a worksheet featuring the openings from some recently published queer books. There will be time for an exercise. Along the way we’ll work hard and have fun and be serious all at the same time.

Generate new ekphrastic poems in this LGBTQ-friendly creative writing workshop. Get tickets.

Workshop Description:

The term “ekphrasis” originates from the ancient Greek word for “description.” From Keats to Sexton to O’Hara, poets have long used visual images to inspire written text based on the interpretation of what they see. Ekphrastic poetry can be a response, an inquiry, an interpretation, an explanation, an exploration and/or reflections on a piece of art—typically a painting, photograph, sculpture or live installation. In this generative poetry workshop, participants will learn how to view a work of art through a high-powered lens, attain valuable strategies to help articulate what’s being observed, and the creative inspiration to create original ekphrastic poetry based on their observations.