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Reading Queer Workshop “Visual Storytelling” by Queers in Nature Author Shoog McDaniel

Reading Queer Workshop “Visual Storytelling” by Queers in Nature Author Shoog McDaniel

Reading Queer Workshop “Visual Storytelling” by Queers in Nature Author Shoog McDaniel

DATE: JANUARY 27TH, 2018 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
COST: ALWAYS FREE. Donations appreciated. Donate here

Shoog McDaniel, author of Queers in Nature, regularly challenges societal beauty standards in exchange for the brilliant and beautiful exploration of bodies that are not often represented in pop culture. Reading Queer workshop participants will join Shoog in a multi sensory hybrid workshop– encompassing both textual and visual exercises– to learn about the author’s creative process, their photographic history, and one’s own artistic ability. Through gripping activities, individuals will learn the processes of creating a narrative, character building, set designing, art directing, prop dressing– and most importantly, self exploration. This community driven workshop– open to the public– leaves individuals at any skill level with a new or enhanced ability of expression through photography and writing– creating powerful beauty from complex emotions. Come join Shoog McDaniel and Reading Queer for an afternoon of engaging conversations, compelling activities, beautiful imagery, symbolic texts, and exploring one’s own inner depths hidden to the world.

DESCRIPTION: Shoog McDaniel, author of Queers in Nature, will give exclusive insight about their photographic history, creative process, and what compelled them to make the book. Following the insight will be a reading, and discussion on the connections of queer people and nature– as reflected through the featured text and imagery. RSVP HERE: 

SUPPLIES TO BRING: Participants may bring props such as fabrics, flowers, costumes, jewelry, driftwood, shells, beads, or other personal items or artifacts. Some props will be provided by Shoog McDaniel.

SHOOG McDANIEL is a southern, queer, non-binary, fat photographer and artist living in Gainesville, Florida. “I have been taking photos since high school, when a friend of mine dumpster dove 200 disposable cameras from behind a Walgreens. I became obsessed, and began documenting everything. I now shoot with a Canon Rebel t3i, and have yet to take a break from capturing intimate moments and beautiful people in my everyday life. My work is about highlighting bodies and lives that are often overlooked by popular society. I enjoy photographing fat bodies, trans bodies, and queer bodies. People`with gap-toothed smiles and missing buttons. I capture images of my friends. With little exceptions, I have a connection with the humans in my photos and I intend to show that through the intimacy of my portraits. I strive to connect the viewer of each photo to beauty within themselves, through understanding the brilliancy of diversity, by showing them that there are many ways to be beautiful.”

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