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‘ZINES, QUEENS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN with Emanuel Ribas and J.V. Portelo

‘ZINES, QUEENS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN with Emanuel Ribas and J.V. Portelo

‘ZINES, QUEENS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN with Emanuel Ribas and J.V. Portelo

with Emanuel Ribas and J.V. Portela

Register today for the next workshop of the 2016 RQ Writing Academy series: “‘Zines, Queens and Everything in Between” with Emanuel Ribas and J.V. Portela at HistoryMiami on Sunday, May 22ndSpace is limited. RSVP below. 

The Reading Queer Writing Academy aims to inspire and prepare members of the queer community to tap into the powerful potential inherent to the act and the art of writing. Consisting of a series of distinct workshops spread out throughout the calendar year, the Academy will serve as a platform for writers of all walks of life to explore, pursue and perfect the craft in its myriad forms. As an expression of our conviction that writing is a right, not a privilege, all workshops are open to the general public regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.


Miami’s history is queer, it’s here, and you can get into it! As multi-faceted as the city itself, Miami’s queer history reflects the many colors and flavors of its vibrant neighborhoods, the ever-changing landscape of its environment and people, and even the evolving impact of its presence on the community. ‘Zines, Queens and Everything in Between is a generative workshop that seeks to explore all of these facets of Miami’s queer identity through critical discussion and creative experimentation. We’ll use recordings from the Reading Queer Oral History Project and materials sourced from the HistoryMiami archives to plumb the depths of South Florida’s queer past, present and future, using free writing and experimental ‘zine forms to record our bold new visions for Miami’s queer future.

Participants can opt to have the ‘zines they create during this workshop be permanently archived at HistoryMiami, where they will serve to inspire future explorations into South Florida’s queerstory.

DATE: Sunday, May 22, 2016
TIME: 12-3 p.m.
LOCATION: HistoryMiami
COST: *All Reading Queer workshops are free and open to the public. However, we depend on your donations to support our programming.  Make a donation today.

EMANUEL RIBAS is a Cuban-American artist born and raised in Miami. He is a full-time student at New World School of the Arts, and a slave to the restaurant industry – until further notice. Emanuel, also known as Emi, or Manny comes from a Christian middle class Cuban machista background, and is one of two openly gay members in his family. His work explores human behavior, the idea of death, and semiotics through different mediums and artistic styles. In the last two years his work has been exhibited at Guccivuitton Gallery (now called VersaceVersaceVersace), and in the NWSA Rising Star Show.