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Clidiane Aubourg, Social Media/Webmaster

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From the time she was six, Clidiane Aubourg has considered being called queer a compliment, in all its various contexts. A Brooklyn baby with Caribbean roots, she has made Miami her home for long enough to claim native status. After getting a BA in English at Florida International University, she took a break from the academic life—a 25-year one, to be exact—before returning to graduate school at her alma mater to pursue an MFA in creative writing. During that time, she worked as a customer service rep, travel writer, copywriter, editor, and a relay phone operator for the deaf, among other things. She discovered her talents had nerdy tendencies about 15 years ago, when she combined her way with words and web coding to work in the field that was to become known as digital media. She continues to straddle the fence between the literary and digital worlds, as she manages her time between her work with Reading Queer, school, and spoiling her trio of odd little cats.