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#NotMyNeim with Elia Khalaf

#NotMyNeim with Elia Khalaf

#NotMyNeim with Elia Khalaf

11. 21st. 2019 | #NotMyNeim with Elia Khalaf

DATE: NOVEMBER 21ST, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


COST: FREE. Donations appreciated. Donate here

Description: #NotMyNeim with Elia Khalaf is a radical writing workshop & experience that highlights the power of names by reclaiming our queer and colorful names, one syllable at a time. The workshop takes place in the immersive, multi-sensory installation Black Power Naps / Siestas Negras. The installation spotlights the racial disparity, in the U.S., between the amount of sleep people of color get in comparison to white individuals– POC being five times more likely to get less sleep. Join #NotMyNeim for a bed-bound writing experience exploring our aliases, familial nombretes, the witty foodonyms, silly nicknames, or deadnames and the ensuing stories.

Note: Please bring own writing utensils


This is a special workshop that is not on Reading Queer’s regular schedule. Our monthly third weekend workshops will return in December.

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