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“QUEER (DIS)PLEASURE” with E. Parker Phillips

“QUEER (DIS)PLEASURE” with E. Parker Phillips

“QUEER (DIS)PLEASURE” with E. Parker Phillips

Join Reading Queer for our next writing workshop: “Writing Queer (Dis)pleasure” with E. Parker Phillips. The workshop is free and open to the public. We also encourage newbies–aspiring writers who just need a spark to ignite their writing careers. This workshop will take place at Pridelines Youth Services located at 6360 NE 4th Court, Miami, FL 33138.

Description: The workshop “Queer (Dis)pleasure” introduces poems that queer the notion of pleasure as well as poems that represent queer (dis)pleasure and even imagine pleasure (differently) as a result of prolonged “queer suffering” under systemic forms of oppression. As a group, we will read a sampling of queer poetry, discussing techniques poets use to say something queer, or say something queerly, about pleasure in the form of sex, love, power exchange, daily rituals, BDSM or even reading and writing itself. The workshop will feature equipment from Parker’s fetish studio to help participants visualize alternative forms of erotic expression, “risk” and even healing through BDSM practices. Readings include Walt Whitman, Wayne Koestenbaum, Danez Smith, Carl Phillips, Chelsey Minnis, Julia Kristeva, Joshua Jennifer Espinoza and Mx. Sinclair Sexsmith. Those willing participants will be encouraged to incorporate some BDSM in their writing process in the form of safe, sane and consensual writing exercises. Other more traditional writing prompts will help writers walk away with a poem, or at least the beginning of a poem, that is as primal and urgent in its utterance as (dis)pleasure itself.

DATE: Saturday, August 20th

TIME: 1:00 pm – 4:oo pm

LOCATION: Pridelines Youth Services 6360 NE 4th Court Miami, FL. Directions here. Free parking.

COST: All Reading Queer workshops are free and open to the public. However, we depend on your donations to support our programming.  Make a donation today. RSVP below…


E. Parker Phillips

Reading Queer teacher E. Parker Phillips

E. PARKER PHILLIPS is a teacher, writer and performer who works across the genres of writing, kink and performance. Parker received their BA in Chinese from Yale and an MFA in Creative Writing from FIU, teaching at FIU and Broward College before opening a BDSM and fetish studio in Miami in 2014, where Parker has produced over 150 events ranging from fetish theater to educational classes on the technical and mental aspects of BDSM. Parker’s poems have appeared in Hinchas de Poesia and Tigertail’s Miami Poetry Collective. Parker has also performed at the Miami Book Fair and BFI’s Weird Miami Bus Tour.