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Write a queer poem for Give Miami Day

Write a queer poem for Give Miami Day

“A culture, like an individual, is a more or less consistent pattern of thought and action”. —Ruth Benedict

In many many ways, writing has “saved” my life, literally and metaphorically, and will most likely continue to do so. That is why Reading Queer is important for a Greater Miami. If you can, donate towww.readingqueer.org before midnight & help me empower & enrich the lives of the queer community through the act & the art of creative writing. If you can’t, celebrate the local artists, painters, dancers, educators, healthcare professionals, therapists, social activists for keeping culture alive & kicking in Miami. Hug a dancer. Kiss an activist. Buy a painting. Say thank you to your favorite teacher. And then write a queer poem for Give Miami Day and submit it to me here.

 –Neil de la Flor, Executive Director of Reading Queer #GiveMiamiDay

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