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Don’t kill your literary darlings. Resurrect and revise them. Get tickets here. Workshop Description: You have a draft but it’s not quite working. So you revise. But find yourself in an unproductive loop. Taking out a word. Adding it back in. Changing some language here and there. Face it. You’re revising nothing. You’re line editing. And your draft needs something more drastic. It needs to be re-seen. Revision means to see again. This workshop will offer different techniques to help you revamp duds and diamonds in the rough. We will be looking at some before and after examples then applying approaches to a draft you bring to the workshop. It’s easier to kill your darlings if you know how to resurrect them.

Make space in your poems. Get tickets here. Workshop Description: Physical space can be an important, sometimes defining, aspect of a poet’s work. In this workshop, participants will explore how a sharp, specific focus on geography—the places they currently inhabit and those they may have left behind—can be a useful tool in the generative process, how it can infuse their work with vibrancy and a sense of wonder, as well as create solidarity with their readers.